New Werther’s Original Chocolate

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Werther’s Original have always meant yummy caramel sweets to me but I was excited to find out that they are now making chocolate versions of their unique sweets.  The chocolates are shaped like the original sweets but look very different as there is a marble effect between the milk/ dark chocolate (depending on which type of chocolate you prefer) and the caramel flavoured chocolate.  I’ve never seen chocolates looking like these before!  They taste really good and have just a hint of the original Wether’s caramel – I recommend them to all Werther’s lovers, all chocolate lovers and especially to those who love both!


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  1. hey, so they’re good are they? the adverts are sooo bad tho, putting me off trying any in principle! (just wrote about the ads on my blog, take a wee look if you fancy, would be interested in your feedback!)

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