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Palmolive have brought out some lovely new shower gels which smell absolutely gorgeous.

The first one I’ve tried is the Palmolive Aromatherapy Morning Tonic shower gel. It smells so summery and fruity that it can’t fail to wake you up in the morning.

I’ve also tried the Pomegranate shower crème from the Palmolive Nutra.Fruit range.  This one feels more luxurious – I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just that the packaging looks more expensive – but doesn’t have quite the same ability to wake me up!

Both of the shower gels leave my skin slightly scented but it’s not to overpowering that I can’t wear perfume.

Both of the ranges cost £1.99 but the Aromatherapy shower gels come in a 250ml bottle while the Nutra Fruit shower crèmes are 200ml.  I think this is a really good price as they smell as good as shower gel from shops like The Body Shop but are much cheaper.  I also prefer the bottle to The Body Shop shower gels as the lid is at the bottom so you don’t have to shake it upside down to get the end bit out!

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  1. Where can I buy the Palmolive Morning Tonic body wash? We tried it while in England and love it, but can’t find it in the U.S.
    Please help.

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