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MyPure is a website which sells natural beauty products.  I’ve recently tried out a few different things from this site.

The first product I tried was a shampoo by Lovea which is a French company that uses only natural ingredients and no parabens, colourants or chemicals.  Lovea Bio l’Argan is supposed to restore shine to your hair.  The main ingredient is Argan oil which comes from a tree from Morocco and is known for its anti-aging and regenerative properties.  The shampoo left my hair feeling clean but it didn’t look any shinier than when I use my normal shampoo.  It also had a slightly odd smell but that wouldn’t put me off using it.

Next I used Pure Rose Hydrating Mist by A’kin.  It smells lovely and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.  The idea is that you spray it on throughout the day to help protect your skin from hot weather, air conditioning, airline travel etc.  It also really cools you down if you spray it over yourself on a hot day and is small enough that it is not a hassle to carry around with you.  You can use it on both your face and body.

The final product I tried was a facial serum by Kosmea called Eighth Natural Wonder.  All of the products made by Kosmea are based around organic rosehip oil.  When I first put Eighth Natural Wonder on, I thought it felt very greasy and wasn’t sure if it would leave my skin feeling oily as well.  However within a few minutes it sunk into my skin leaving it feeling very soft but not at all greasy.  A few weeks ago my Mum suddenly became allergic to all the parabens and stuff in her make-up, moisturisers, shampoo – basically every beauty product she owned!  I lent her this serum and it is the only thing that she’s been able to wear without having a reaction which shows that it must be all natural.

I really like the fact that everything sold on MyPure is natural and there is lots of choice so you can’t fail to find the perfect product!

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