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Mama Jewels make a range of baby proof jewellery.  There are lots of different designs to choose from and they all look just like regular necklaces and bracelets so aren’t only for mums!

The range is dishwasher proof so can be kept clean for when baby tries to chew them and are really stong so they don’t break when pulled.  They come in nicely presented boxes making them good Mother’s Day presents……

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  1. So pretty and what a great idea – to be able to wash them! Would love to win as I have a young baby too.

  2. What a good idea – and they look lovely too. Would be a great present for my friend who’s got a little necklace tugging baby!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea, I never wear jewellery at the moment because I’m too worried about my little one getting hold of them and either breaking them or hurting herself on them, these would be ideal 🙂

  4. Yes, my eleven month old daughter would find that particularly delicious, and may yet save my long hair from the baby-spit-conditioner treatment!
    As a side note, it would look lovely with several of my tops 😉

  5. Stunning!! My little boy is 8months and always tugs at my necklaces but they are too delicate so don’t get to where them often anymore x

  6. have passed comp on to friends, it is a great design, as stated babys allways tug, so great inovation, my grandaughter has a little lady lily mai, and she is soo cute, i would love to present this to mum, as a thank you for my first great grand daughter

  7. They are so pretty! and such a good idea babies always pull on necklaces – mine pulled on some beads during their christening and the necklace split and the beads went everywhere – oops!

  8. Stunning! Would look lovely on me :), dont really wear any these days with having a 2yr old and another coming in August its gonna be a while til i can again. These are a great idea!

  9. what a fab idea lovely necklace i would love to win one my little girl is alway putting at my necklaces so a baby proof one would be great. have liked your page on facebook. could i please enter yor comp?thanks x

  10. I love this idea. Never seen anything like it before. I’ll definitely be adding your website to my birthday list. Lily is always trying to pull & chew on my necklaces.

  11. How fantastic are these! would love to win one as my 11mth old william has been teething for 4mths and still no teethy-pegs to show for it! little bit glad though coz my nips are bite free so far!haha! good luck to everyone! the winner will be a very lucky girl x x x

  12. What a fantastic idea, i’ve lost count of the amount of jewellery my children have broken and these designs are beautiful to.

  13. What a lovely range. Am a fan on Facebook, can you enter me into the competition as my 14 month old daughter got her first tooth the other week and has been teething since. Poor girl! Think she is cutting them all at once!

  14. Fantastic idea… 6 month old little man will chew anything he can get hold off so I don’t tend to wear jewellery….would be fantastic to have some jewellery that was safe to wear even with Noah about….and dishwasher safe…..brilliant touch

  15. This is a great idea. I can’t wear any jewellery anymore. Both of my kids (3 and almost 2) constantly pull and try to take it off of me. I miss wearing necklaces and bracelets. Can you do anything about earrings? 😛

  16. What a lovely jewellery range. My 2 girls (12 mths & 28 mths) are always pulling at my jewellery or eating it which leads me to not wear items. This would be fantastic and very pretty that they can play and chew on. And I can’t believe it can go in the dishwasher!! Fab idea

  17. Sent over from Facebook! Really really really want to be entered to win one of these! They are just fabulous and great for me when i have a run in with my teenagers and try really really hard to bite my tongue! lol

  18. Wow how gorgeous are these – my little horror has broken so many of my necklaces – they’re lovely.

  19. I’m very impressed with this,the amout of things that I’ve had broken lol,dishwasher safe to that’s amazing I really love this 🙂 x I follow on Twitter to I’m ekitt1001,hello 🙂 x

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