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My latest marcara is a volumising mascara by Mally.  The packaging is nothing special but I have been really impressed by how well it works.  I’ve used volumising mascaras before but they’ve never seemed to make by eyelashes look any better than other mascaras.  This one by Mally however manages to make my eyelashes look thicker, somehow makes it seem as though I’ve got more eyelashes than I actually have and stays put all day.  It doesn’t make my eyelashes clump every time I apply it which is good as it’s so annoying when you get a clumpy mascara and have to keep taking it off and starting again!

Mally is in fact an American company but you can buy some of their products online from QVC.  The mascara I’m using costs £16.00 which is more than I would usually spend but so far it has been worth the money.  However, I have read some reviews which say that after a few weeks of using the Mally mascara, it dries out making it harder to apply as well as flaking off during the day.  I’ve been using it for just over a week and haven’t had any problems with it so finger crossed…….

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