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So, yesterday was my very first attempt at making macaroons.  I was not prepared at all but wanted a break from revision so found a recipe online and off I went.  It wasn’t till after 5 minutes of beating the egg whites (by hand!) that I realised I didn’t have any caster sugar.  I decided to make do with golden sugar and hope it did the same thing?  I also didn’t have any butter to make the buttercream which sticks the two halves together.

I’ve never beaten egg whites until they are ‘stiff and glossy’ so had no idea that it would take as long as it did without an electric whisk!  My arms got really sore so I gave up before they were stiff but they were glossy.  I did my best to pipe them into neat little circles on the baking tray but unfortunately my mixture was far to runny due to the lack of whisking.  Anyway, I bunged them in the oven for 10 minutes like the recipe said.

As soon as I took them out of the oven, most of them cracked on the top.  The ones in the photo on the recipe are perfectly smooth so I’m not sure what went wrong.  I’ve never actually had a macaroon so don’t know what they are supposed to taste like.  Mine were crunchy on the outside but really gooey on the inside – I’m not entirely sure I cooked them for long enough.  They tasted good though and were a pretty blue colour!  I think I will try them again but will definitely need to invest in an electric whisk first!

Photo from recipe
My macaroons – not quite as good!

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  1. Without meaning to sound rude it does’nt sound as though you did any step of the recipe right, so i don’t see why you would think that they would come out right. The goden rule of baking anything is that you do have to follow a recipe to the letter when it comes to how much of things to put in, or whisking for a certain amount of time. Make sure to try again and follow instructions as it’s so nice to make your own goodies !

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