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I bought this solid shampoo from Lush after seeing Mallory’s video on how she looks after her curly hair.  I’ve never really found a shampoo that I love and tend to flit between brands, just buying whatever is the best value at the time.  As much as I enjoy looking around Lush, I’ve never really bought much aside from the bath bombs and an occasional hand cream so I thought I might as well try something that had been recommended.  I was a bit unsure about the shampoo being solid but it is actually so easy to use.  At first I tried rubbing it between my hands like the woman in the shop told me to but I found it hard to get any sort of lather that way so now I just rub the whole bar over my hair.  It lathers up really well and, even though I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, the bar still seems to be the same size as when I first bought it!  Trichomania contains coconut which is good for dry hair and I’ve found that my hair is definitely easier to control since I started using this shampoo (and it smells so good as well!).  I used to spray my hair with leave in conditioner once it was dry and sometimes during the day too if I was having a particularly frizzy day but I’ve hardly touched my conditioner spray in weeks.  This is the best shampoo I’ve tried in years and I think anyone with dry, frizzy hair should give it a go.

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