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Lush have some of the best smelling products!  A few weeks ago I had a bath ballistic which I planned to give my mum for Mother’s Day (it was a limited edition, especially for Mother’s Day! – I’ve just looked online and you can still get it here) but I ended up using it myself!  It was amazing though and don’t worry, I did get her another present!

Anyway, back to the point of this post, I’ve got this fantastic double strength conditioner from Lush called American CreamIt has a gorgeous vanilla smell and leaves my hair smelling lovely all day long.  I was really impressed to find that I can get away with using the tiniest amount and my hair is still soft and manageable.  I think this conditioner would be perfect for taking with you on holidays as one 100g bottle will easily last the same amount of time as a normal 250ml bottle of conditioner.  You can also buy American Dream in bigger sizes – 250g and 500g.  It is quite expensive compared to other brands but is worth it for an occasional treat!

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  1. I think the smell of this is amazing. It sadly did nothing to protect my rather dry hair from everyday rigours of hairdryers, straighteners etc as my hair split horrendously whilst using it. It is full of moisture but lacks any protection.

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