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Recently, I’ve been trying out the new Bath Ballistics from Lush.  The Bath Ballistics have two layers – the top layer is mixed with shavings of a bubble bar which creates bubbles and foam and inside is basically a bath bomb which fizzes around the bath until dissolved.

The first Bath Ballistic I tried was the Fizzbanger which has quite a strong Christmassy smell of cinnamon and apples.  The outer layer of the Fizzbanger is yellow and the inside a bright blue.  When I popped it in the bath it left lovely blue and yellow patterns which merged into a vibrant green when I got in and mixed all the water up.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many bubbles the Fizzbanger made as usually bath bombs leave the water coloured but with absolutely no bubbles.  I also like the fact that my skin was left feeling nice and soft after my bath.

Next, I tried the Twilight Bath Ballistic.  This one has a pinky purple shell with a blue middle and smells better than the Fizzbanger.  I couldn’t really tell what the smell was but apparently it’s lavender and ovaltine.  It didn’t leave patterns in the bath like the Fizzbanger and turned the water a murky dark purple which I wasn’t too keen on as it just looked dirty!  My favourite thing about this Bath Ballistic is all the glitter which makes it feel a little bit special and makes up for the colour of the water.

The final Bath Ballistic I tried was the Dragon’s Egg.  I saved this one until last because it smelt the best – lemon, grapefruit and jasmine.  It turned the bath a bright orange colour and was filled with gold glitter but I was really disappointed as once the Dragon’s Egg was in the water it stank of mothballs – completely different to when it was in the packet!  It also left some weird jelly like circles in the bath but I really don’t know what they were for!

My favourite out of the 3 I tried would have to be the Fizzbanger.  I would really like to try the other Bath Ballistics in this range and I think they make a nice treat at £2.95.

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