Lovea Bio Moisturising, Restorative, Conditioning Hair Mask

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I was really pleased to see that I had received a Lovea conditioning hair mask from MyPure this week.  I have very dry, frizzy hair so am always on the lookout for a good hair mask.

I am still not convinced by the Lovea packaging and all 3 products I’ve tried by them have smelt exactly the same.  The smell is something I can’t decide on; it seems to be growing on me but they are definitely not the nicest smelling beauty products.

The conditioner doesn’t give any indication of how long to leave it on for or how much to use.  On my first try, I decided to use one handful and leave it on for 10 minutes which is what lots of other hair masks I’ve used say to do.  Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to have any effect on my hair so I tried again, this time using 3 handfuls and leaving it on for 20 minutes.  This worked better and helped get rid of some of the frizz.  I have found an excellent conditioning mask which I sometimes leave on my head for an hour wrapped in cling film so I think I will try the same technique with the Lovea one as well.  I don’t think I’ll switch to using Lovea permanently as my current conditioner works well even if I only leave it in for 10 minutes.  I think the Lovea conditioner would work on slightly less frizzy hair than mine as it has a quite a thick consistency and did make a slight difference to my uncontrollable hair!

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