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I love my new jacket from LOVE!  It is a Beige Aviator Jacket lined with fluffy wooly stuff and is soooo cosy.  I’m the sort of person who is always cold in winter and this is the only jacket I’ve ever worn which actually makes me feel too warm at times!  It fits quite well although it’s not the most flattering as it’s quite puffy.  I don’t really care though as it is such a lovely jacket and keeps me nice and warm.  The jacket is really well made and looks like it will last for years – I really hope it will.

The website has lots of other good clothes although don’t mass produce them so you need to snap them up quickly before they’re sold out.  You can also buy the clothes in Topshop concessions.  One thing I don’t like about the LOVE website is that they only do 3 sizes – Small/Medium fits size 8 to 10 and Medium/Large fits size 10 to 12 – so they don’t seem to cater for that many people.

I’m really happy with the jacket and would definitely recommend you having a look at it.  If you’re worried about being too warm, there is also a gilet version as well as a few different coloured aviator jackets so there are options!

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