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My sister Maddie has been trying out the LMS Spotlight for the past few weeks.  Here’s what she thought of it………

The LMS Spotlight uses Red Light Therapy to reduce spots and improve the skin’s healing abilities. It’s different from most other spot treatments out there but nothing has really worked for me before so it was worth giving it a go.

I found it quite awkward to fit in to my daily routine. You’re supposed to press it to the affected area and hold it there for one minute three times a day (I have the Spotlight 8 which is for using on a few spots at a time). If you have four or five areas which need treating this adds up to about 15 minutes a day which may not seem a huge amount of time but it does get a bit boring!

I stuck at it though, and found that it does do what it claims to do. My spots cleared up much quicker than usual. Whereas before a spot would stay for a week or so, after using the LMS Spotlight it would clear up within two or three days. Although it reduces spots quickly it doesn’t actually prevent you getting new spots so while I will carry on using it and would recommend it, I am still looking for the perfect skin treatment to clear my face completely.

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  1. what has your sister been using on her skin up until now? i would definitely recommend liz earle cleanse and polish, giving it a month or so to work with her skin cycle. If her budget is bigger then i would recommend a guinot hydradermie facial which cleans the deeper levels or her skin, or a facial peel and microdermabrasion which also really help to rejuvinate. (maybs these would be a good birthday pressie or xmas) hope thats helpful in some way xxx

    1. I’m not actually sure what she’s using at the moment, she seems to change her products quite often. I’ll definitely suggest these to her though and her birthday is coming up next month so thanks for the idea!!!

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