Living Nature Men’s Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel

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This month I ordered the Living Nature Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel from MyPure for my boyfriend Nick. He has very sensitive skin and often complains that shaving hurts his face so when I saw the other extremely positive reviews left on the MyPure website for this product I knew it was worth a try.

The shaving gel comes in a black container which matches the design of the women’s Living Nature products if you like to have matching things in your bathroom! It smells lovely – very fresh and clean (but not girly!). Nick was really impressed with the shaving gel. He was a bit worried that he’d have to use loads of it as he’s used to using shaving foam but a little bit of this gel goes a long way. Apparently it made shaving more comfortable and the real bonus was that it didn’t hurt when he applied aftershave which usually stings so he doesn’t tend to bother. It also left his skin feeling really soft and he didn’t end up with irritated patches of red skin on his face which sometimes happens when he shaves.

The only negative with this shaving gel is the price. At £18.99 it is much more than your average shaving foam. It looks as though it will last longer though and it really seemed to help with Nick’s sensitive skin so I think I would buy it again!

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