Living Nature Extra Hydrating Toning Gel

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This month I’ve been trying out the Living Nature Extra Hydrating Toning Gel from MyPure.  I really like the brand Living Nature and the packaging but to be completely honest I wouldn’t buy this again.

The gel is for dry skin and is supposed to “restore vitality to tired and dry skin”. Since starting to use it, I haven’t noticed any change in my skin and also, I really can’t stand the smell!  It smells very pollen like which I think must be the manuka honey.  I think it is quite pricey for a product which doesn’t seem to have that much of an effect at £13.49.

However, the review on the MyPure website by Alison says “Excellent product couldn’t cope without it and is much better since improved smell of it.” So maybe it’s just me who doesn’t really get on with this product?!

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