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This keyring by Little BIG Planet is really strange!  I’d not heard of Little BIG Planet until I saw this keyring but I’ve found out that it is a Playstation game where you are a little person type thing called a Sackboy.  There are lots of levels to complete but you can also invent your own levels.  It sounds quite complicated!

Anyway, this keyring is a Sackboy with an Afro.  I wouldn’t say it’s the nicest looking keyring I’ve ever seen but it is definitely different and fun!  It seems quite sturdy so will hopefully last a while although the sunglasses don’t look too secure so I wouldn’t be surprised if they fall off some day.  The keyring makes a perfect stocking filler at £3.99 and is also a good present for somebody who’s just passed their driving test – I’ve just given one to my little sister for that reason!

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