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Lindt have got a brilliant Easter range out this year.  As well as the well known and very tasty Lindt Gold Bunny there are plenty of other fun gifts for Easter.  I love the Easter Fun Bugs and Bees which are little milk chocolates filled with Chocolate Hazelnut Cream.  They look cute and are something different.  Lindt also do normal Easter eggs – I tried a Lindor egg which came with a ribbon on the front making it look a little bit more special than other eggs!  There are lots of other Easter treats like Lindor Mini Eggs, tubes of chocolates and Gold Bunny Gift Sets which come complete with chocolate carrots.  You can’t go wrong with Lindt; everything tastes and looks delicious!

A couple of years ago I found the nicest chocolate I’ve ever had in my life.  It was dark chocolate with a chilli and pomegranate filling.  It sounds really weird but don’t let that put you off if you ever manage to find a bar.  Unfortunately, I think you can only buy it in Germany – I really wish you could buy it here in the UK!

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  1. its the same with me, i was looking for this dark chocolate with a chilli and pomegranate for long time (10 years) since i visit Berlin. and now my husbend there and i hope that he will find my “chocolate dreams”.

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