Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow

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I’ve got the Lily Lolo eyeshadow in the shade Sticky Toffee and it’s become my go-to eyeshadow.  I’ve tried similar mineral powder eyeshadows before but have never really got on with them as I tend to end up dropping power all down my face which takes an age to clear up!  I’ve also found that they don’t last all day and end up creasing after just a few hours wear.  Anyway, this Lily Lolo eyeshadow is the exact opposite!  None of it drops off the brush when I apply it and it always lasts the whole day without creasing or fading too much.  I love the colour – I’m a bit boring with makeup and only really wear brown / neutral eyeshadows!  This seems to change colour slightly depending on the light sometimes looking sparkly and gold and sometimes a darker brown.  The Lily Lolo eyeshadow comes in lots of different colours and costs just £5.29!  Has anyone else tried anything from Lily Lolo?  What did you think?

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