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I took German at GCSE and really enjoyed it.  I wanted to carry it on to A Level but annoyingly I wasn’t able to as the German class clashed with the Physics class which I needed to take as I was planning to do an engineering degree.  During the first year of my degree, I chose to take a German module along with all my engineering ones.  I found it quite hard to keep up as I hadn’t done an A Level so my grammar wasn’t great and I’d never written an essay longer than about 10 sentences.  Even though it was hard work, I found it fun and it was something different to all the maths and physics!  I am now just starting the second year of my engineering degree and am really disappointed as I have had to drop German again because it clashes with one of the engineering modules I especially wanted to take.  I’m hoping to carry on outside of uni but so far haven’t found a course which lets me learn German and fit it in around my lectures.  I hope I find something soon as I was looking at spending a few months in Germany or Austria at some point during my degree so it would help a lot if I could speak their language better than I do at the moment!

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