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I’ve mentioned how much I love Aldi beauty products before and this week I have been trying out some more of the range – I haven’t been disappointed! Lacura Beauty ProductsLacura High Balance Night CreamThe first product is the Lacura High Balance Night Cream.  I have only actually used one night cream before – the Angela Langford Rest & Regenerate Night Balm.  I liked that one but it was quite heavy and took hours and hours to sink in so made me look very greasy!  The Aldi version seems to have the same moisturising effect on my skin but sinks in fast so I definitely prefer this out of the two.  It costs just £3.99 which is a bonus.Lacura Cleansing Milk and TonerThe next two products I have tried are the Lacura Cleansing Milk and Toner.  The cleanser isn’t the best one I have ever used but for 99p I think it is great and will definitely buy it again.  The toner also costs just 99p.  I’ve said before that I don’t really notice any effect from toners and this one if pretty much the same as every other toner I’ve tried.  This is the only product I wouldn’t buy again from this batch of products.Lacura Perfecting PrimerMy favourite out of this batch of Aldi products is the Lacura Perfecting Primer.  I haven’t used a primer before, mainly because they always seem to be expensive and whenever I have tried samples they seem to make me look shiny, even though they say they can be worn without foundation.  This one is only £4.99 so I had to give it a go.  I love it!  Recently I have noticed I have more open pores on my cheeks than I used to have but this primer actually makes them almost disappear.  It has a mattifying effect so there is no shine meaning I can use it without foundation if I am in a rush in the morning.  I think the packing makes it look like a much more expensive brand than it really is.

What do you think of the Lacura range?

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