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I’ve entered a competition that’s giving a Kia Soul to a student for a term.  I’m not really into cars so hadn’t heard of this one before but when I looked it up online I was surprised by how distinctive and quirky it is!  It kind of looks like a Postman Pat van with a bigger bonnet and comes in some nice colours – I think my favourite is Midnight Blue.  It would be really handy to have a car as I live a 45 minute walk from uni so it would be good to be able to drive occasionally when it’s rainy and I have a full day of lectures.  I also go to visit my boyfriend every few weekends who lives two and a half hours away by train.  It would be so much quicker to drive as I wouldn’t have to wait for the connecting train and bus!  I really hope I win but I don’t find out until the end of the month so fingers crossed!

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