Kia and the iPod

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I was given an iPod Nano for Christmas by my parents and so far have been using a USB lead to connect it to the car.  This means that the songs all come up in code so you can’t choose what to listen to very easily and it only plays about 100 of the songs on the iPod.  Today I realised that I was given a lead to connect the iPod to the car which means that you can do everything that you would be able to do on the iPod on the dashboard – search through artists, songs, genres etc,  play randomly and it recognises all of the songs on the iPod.  The songs come up with the artist and title.  It’s brilliant but would have been handy if I’d realised before getting stuck in a 3 hour queue on the motorway coming home from Falmouth!  We wasted quite a lot of time trying to figure out the code!

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