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Over the past few weekends I have got a fair amount if use out of my Kalme Day Defence which has SPF 25, although being in the North East of Scotland I don’t think we have had quite the same heat as most of the country!
I cannot stand having normal sun cream on my face, it smells too strong and makes my skin look awful – really greasy and shiny! The Kalme Day Defence is specifically for your face but I also use it on my neck, chest and/or shoulders depending on what I am wearing that day. On days when I am not in the office, I always use it, even if it looks overcast. It feels no different to any other face cream but means I am able to enjoy any unexpected sunshine without worrying about burning! I am very pleased with the Day Defence and hopefully I get lots more use out of it before the sunshine disappears for the year!

You can buy this product from Skin Shop for £19.95. It is suitable for sensitive skin so should be ok for everyone to try!

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