Jemma Kidd i Define Volumising Mascara

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Jemma Kidd i Define Volumising Mascara was the free gift in the December issue of Marie Claire.  Jemma Kidd Make-Up went into administration last October so I’m not entirely sure why it was in the magazine – maybe they were trying to get rid of stock?!  Anyway, I don’t think you are missing much if you have never tried this mascara – it is ok but nothing special.  The packaging is nice enough but doesn’t really stand out to me.  The brush is too big for the tube so you can get big blobs of mascara unless you brush the excess off.  I found the brush hard to use at first as I was used to the small brush with the No7 Extreme Length mascara.  The mascara can make all of you lashes stick together but I’ve managed to find a way to apply it which seems to work… you need to apply at least three really, really, really thin layers.  I don’t think it should be called a volumising mascara as it really doesn’t give all that much volume – not even as much as my No7 lengthening mascara!  It is ok as an everyday mascara but I do find that if flakes off quite quickly.  I usually only wear it on weekends if I know I will only be out of the house for a few hours.  It pretty much disappeared from my lashes when I wore it for a nine hour day at work.  So, all in all, I am not all that disappointed that I won’t be able to buy this mascara again but I will finish off the tube I have.

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