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It’s been ages since I posted anything so I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Over the holidays I’ve had more time to spend on my Rosetta Stone Japanese course.  I’m still finding it quite a hard language to learn but over the past few weeks I’ve been spending time on it every other day which is making me progress faster than when I was only working on it just once a week.  I’m not just going faster because I’m doing it more often, it’s because I don’t forget as much between each session so don’t end up having to repeat lessons more than once.

I think the immersion technique the Rosetta Stone courses works well and it’s good that the course focuses on trying to teach you the new alphabet so that you can try and read Japanese properly.  Lots of the symbols look really similar though (like the ones below) so it’s very difficult!  So far I’m finding that most of the exercises are doable but the hardest ones are when you have to say a sentence from looking at a picture with no letters or anything to prompt you.  It takes me far too long to work out what to say!  That’s something for me to work on……

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