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I really love the Indulgence Candle by Aromatherapy Associates.  It comes in a neat and tidy gold box without loads of plastic wrapping and the candle itself is inside a frosted glass holder.

The candle smells of jasmine and geranium which is a perfect combination and is not overpowering like some scented candles can be.  I’ve read in the past that cheap scented candles are made using paraffin waxes which give off toxins, acetone, soot and lead.  They also give off carcinogenic toxins which, over a long period of time, can cause cancer.  The Indulgence Candle however is made from 100% naturally derived wax making in much safer but also much more expensive at £24.  I wouldn’t normally pay this much for a candle but I really love this one so much I think I would make an exception!  It is also a brilliant gift for Christmas or any other occasion.

The candle has approximately 30 hours of burning time (I haven’t actually burnt it for that long yet so can’t say whether this is true or not!).  You can buy the candle either online or from hotel spas across the country, Liberty of London and Fortnum & Mason.

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