Indola Innova Hydrate Lightweight Treatment

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This is one of the most disappointing hair masks I’ve ever used.  The description on the tub sounded perfect – suitable for dry, curly hair, hydrates but doesn’t weigh down hair.  Exactly what I need.  However, this made no difference at all to my hair, if anything it seemed to make the ends feel even drier than normal!  To start with I only used a small amount which I left on for 10 minutes.  That didn’t work so the next time I took a big handful of product instead.  Still didn’t work.  I even left the mask on overnight but it made no difference!  I started to use the conditioner as a regular daily one but it still wasn’t really hydrating enough for my hair.Has anyone else used this treatment?  I have read other reviews (like this one from The Sunday Girl) which have been brilliant so maybe my hair is just too dry!  You can buy Indola mainly in salons and can find stockists here.

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