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It’s a bit of a long story but I’ve become the owner of a red leather Stella Changing Bag from Il Tutto, although not having children I obviously don’t use it as a changing bag!  The great thing about this bag is that it doesn’t just work as a changing bag meaning you can use it as a normal bag when your children are older (or before children in my case!).

All of the baby related parts are detachable so it’s basically a lovely big bag with lots of handy pockets, both inside and out, for keeping your phone, purse, keys etc safe and easily accessible.  If you don’t like all of the pockets, the inside of the bag can also be zipped out to get rid of them.  For anyone who is looking to use this as a changing bag, it comes with an insulated bottle holder, a waterproof changing mat and a zip case for wet things.

Even though the bag is quite big, it still works as an everyday bag.  I’ve also found it useful when I go home from uni for a weekend as it’s big enough for a change of clothes and some work which saves me taking a massive bag on the train!  As well as the leather handle, the bag also has a detachable fabric shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry when it’s full.

I love that this bag looks good even though it has been designed as a practical bag.  There’s also a cute little teddy bear mascot which makes it even more individual!  The bag is really well made so it will hopefully last me for a while!

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