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I always find it really difficult to come up with new ideas for Father’s Day gifts.  This year everything seems to be to do with the World Cup which makes my search extra hard seeing as my dad in not that into any sports, especially not football.  However, I have found some really good websites to share with you.

The British Heart Foundation sells gifts with a range of prices and by buying them you are helping to raise money for a good cause.  One of my favourites from this range is the Chilli plant kit which is a set that lets you grow 5 different chilli plants.  There are gifts to suit lots of different dads from sporty dads to nature loving dads.

Wadworth sell mini-casks of real ale which make a unique gift for Father’s Day.  There are a number of different Wadworth varieties to choose from including 6X, Horizon and Bishops Tipple and the cask comes with instructions on how to use it which seem simple enough.  The cask delivers a pint which should taste the same as a pint from the pub.  Now, I don’t like ale so didn’t realise there was a difference but apparently ale from a bottle/ can tastes different as they aren’t filled directly from the cellared casks in the brewery unlike the mini-casks.  Anyway, the casks cost from £15 and are delivered within 3 days.  They seem like a brilliant gift to me so I hope it goes down well!

Paxton and Whitfield are a cheese company with shops in London, Stratford-upon-Avon and Bath.  You can also order their products online.  They sell gift packs including the Father’s Day Gift Pack which contains a variety of cheese, ale and pâtes and costs £35.  As well as gift packs you can also buy all of the items separately.  Cheaper options include the cheese bites which come in different flavours with fancy looking packets (but not an excessive amount of packaging!) and cost £2.99 for 75g.  Another cheaper option is one of the Tomato and Chilli Jam which is slightly more adventourous and costs £4.45. is a website selling a variety of gifts and cards and has a large Father’s Day section. You are able to personalise lots of their gifts.  I have got a personalised chocolate bar for my dad which you can see in the photos.  The website has free delivery on orders over £30 but the normal delivery charge of £2.95 is quite a bit cheaper than lots of other websites.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company has a chocolate pizza especially for Father’s Day.  It costs £7.95, is 7 inches and made of Belgian milk chocolate with colourful decorations and a Father’s Day plaque.

My final idea; I know it’s predictable but Toblerone always goes down well with both my dad and step-dad!

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  1. Well I had a fab Fathers’ Day – Toblerone is long gone and the chili seeds are sown. Might just about come up in time for next Fathers’ Day! love Dad

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