I love the Kia Soul

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I realised just how roomy the car was last weekend when I moved all of my stuff back to uni.  I managed to fit  all of my clothes, my laptop, textbooks and folders, make-up,  jewellry box and lots of other little things in, and that was just the boot – I still had room for food shopping on the back seat!  When I told my friends I was writing a blog on the car they all came up with things to say about it like the inside is ‘original and funky’  (I think this was referring to the pattern on the chairs!) and ‘it feels bigger than my car even though it’s not really any bigger’ .  This was from my friend who drives a Clio.  I know it’s a bit geeky but I thought I’d find out how much bigger the Soul is and found that they are more or less the same width and length but the Kia is about 20cm taller which seems to make all the difference as do feel quite short when I drive it even after adjusting the seat!  Anyway, now back to work – I have a project on the dynamics of nodding radar which seems impossible at the moment.  You would have thought we could have a few days to settle back into work  but then I suppose I have just had a four week holiday!


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