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HowToBooks have lots of books helping you to learn how to do virtually anything you want.

I’ve recently started reading ‘Business in a Backpack’.  It is written by a couple, Adam Costa and Darcie Connell, who have started up their own online businesses so they can earn money while they are travelling without actually doing any work while they are away.  It is a clever idea and the book basically tells you how to do this for yourself.  The good thing about the book is that it doesn’t give you any false impressions.  You are told that it takes a lot of work to set up a business and that you won’t make any money for a while.  You are also told that your business won’t necessarily work just because you think it will – you need to do a lot of research into what other people want to buy/learn about.  As the book is written from experience, you know that the techniques used to start up the business must work.

The book isn’t very long, only 160 pages, but it has lots of information.  It is well presented with plenty of colour and photos to inspire you.  I’m not very good at reading non-fiction books but this one is broken up into sections with examples and bullet points making it more interesting to read.  I’ve always thought I might take a year out after my degree to go travelling and now this book has given me a possible way to do it!

Another great book from HowToBooks is ‘Eat Well Spend Less’ by Sarah Flower.  I’m finding it really helpful as being a student I sometimes find it hard to eat a variety of healty meals on my budget.  The book has over 250 recipes and it tells you how much each serving will cost.  It also tells you how to store foods so that they last longer and has ways to use leftovers.  I think it is an essential book for anyone trying to eat well on a budget.  It costs £9.99 but it has so many tips on saving money that you will make that money back and end up with a better diet as well.

HowToBooks also have piles of other books that are brilliant for students.  I’ve got a few on how to write CVs, how to interview well etc which should come in very handy when I start to apply for jobs towards the end of my degree!

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