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The Dirt Devil DRC001 is a handheld cordless mini vacuum cleaner.  It comes with a charging base which can be attached to the wall so that you have somewhere to store it.  The base is then plugged into the mains so that the hoover is always ready to use.  The Dirt Devil is quite small so it can easily be stored out of sight somewhere behind a piece of furniture.

Since I got the Dirt Devil, my room is the cleanest it has ever been!  Hoovering is usually a hassle, dragging the hoover around, lugging it up the stairs and moving from plug to plug, but the Dirt Devil is very easy, if not fun to use, and is light enough for anyone to carry up the stairs.  It is bagless so quick to empty and comes with a few different attachments to clean in corners and upholstery.  So far the suction has been good but in the instruction manual it says you need to regularly wash the filters to keep up the same performance.   I’ve read some other reviews with people saying that the suction is poor but I have not had this experience so maybe it is just because they haven’t remembered to wash the filters!  The Dirt Devil looks like it would be useful to clean the car with but I can’t try out this theory as I don’t have a car!

All in all I think the Dirt Devil is a brilliant product and it comes in very handy.  I think it works especially well for me as I am a student so only rent a room which means I can keep my room nice and dust free without having to get the communal hoover up two flights of stairs!

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  1. Well I don’t find hoovering fun in the slightest! Perhaps that’s because I don’t have a Dirt Devil though! Who knows? xx

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