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My last pair of headphones died a few weeks ago so I’ve been looking for a new pair since then.  I’ve finally found some and I’m very happy with them!  I’ve gone for a pair of noise isolating ones from the Marley Jammin’ Collection called People Get Ready.

I love how colourful they are and that they are eco-friendly.  They are made from recyclable aluminium, recycled plastic and wood.  They come with three different sized ear cushions as well which I think is a really good idea as sometimes I find headphones quite sore – I must have small ears!

You also get a little carry case with the headphones which I’m not sure I’ll actually use but might be handy for some people.  Obviously, it’s not just what they look like that is important, but don’t worry; the sound quality is brilliant as well!

These headphones cost £29.99 and you can buy them from Amazon.  I actually found these while I was looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas which are different to the usual heart shaped chocolates.  They have lots of different colours to choose from and a range of prices so might  be worth thinking about!

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