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Little Gifts of Love

I’m a complete chocoholic and in the space of a few days I have tried two different types of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat and was very impressed.  The first type was a Rocky Road Mini Slab which was delicious.  It is a slab of milk chocolate with white chocolate chunks, puffed rice and chocolate chip cookies and is extremely more-ish!  I also had a box of chocolates called Little Gifts of Love.  These look gorgeous and are very artistic – I almost didn’t want to eat them!  The flavours are adventurous and even though I didn’t like the taste of

Rocky Road Mini Slab

all of them there is definitely something for everyone.   The only downside to Hotel Chocolat is the price – the Rocky Road slab costs £4.00 for 100g and the Little Gifts of Love are £6.50 for 8 chocolates.  However, the chocolate is really good quality looks much better and fancier than cheap supermarket chocolate so makes the perfect treat!

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