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I’ve read about Hot Tuna on a few blogs recently so thought I’d check them out to see if I could find Christmas presents for anyone.  Zoe over at Sploz Blogz has got a gorgeous t-shirt from Hot Tuna and Kathryn at TheThumbsUp has found some Christmas gifts as well.

Hot Tuna is an Australian surf brand which has made its way over to the UK and they sell clothes for both men and women.  I love how bright their clothes are – they make me think of summer, even the big cosy colourful hoodies!  Apparently there’s a whole list of celebrities who wear Hot Tuna – Elle Macpherson, Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Rodriguez, Lily Allen, Lindsay Lohan, Carl Barat, The Horrors, Chris Martin and The Saturdays.  I also noticed this Jaws t-shirt on Hollyoaks last week!

Anyway, I’ve found loads of stuff so here’s just a selection…..

Has anyone else bought anything from Hot Tuna?

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