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I am far from an expert on bronzer. Hoola by Benefit is actually the first bronzer I have ever used. I was a bit worried that I would make myself look ridiculous by applying too much of it or not applying it the right way, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use. (I did have to watch a couple of videos on YouTube before I attempted it as I literally had no idea where on my face to put the bronzer!) I have been using the little brush that came with the bronzer and I think it is good as it picks up a small amount of colour at a time so I can build up the colour gradually. I also like that the bronzer isn’t shimmery as I think that would be less forgiving for a bronzer newbee! All in all, I am pleased with the bronzer. It gives me a bit more colour but doesn’t look like I have gone overboard! If you want to try Hoola you can buy it for £23 online or in Boots, Debenhams etc.

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