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The HoMedics Outdoor Massaging Mat is a thin body length mat containing 6 massage motors.  It is powered by 4 “AA” batteries which are very easy to change.  So far, my batteries haven’t run out and I’ve used it quite a few times for 20 minutes stretches.  The mat has an easy to use hand held remote for changing the massage program of which there are 9.  Of the 9 programs there are 3 different patterns that the motors move in and each pattern has 3 different intensities.  One pattern is where all motors run continuously together, another is where all motor pulse on and off together and the third is a wave pattern where the top two motors pulse, then the middle two and the bottom two.

I was hoping to take my mat away when I went camping in France a few weeks ago but unfortunately, even though the mat rolls up so it is easy to store, it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase (at least not with all the clothes I wanted to take!)!  As it seems to have been raining for most of the summer I’ve been using the mat inside either on the sofa or just lying on the bed.  It is really relaxing and comfy to lie/sit on.  However, if I lie slightly too low down on the mat I manage to get my hair caught in the Velcro strip that is used to roll the mat up which is a bit annoying.  The mat is cream which looks nice but it seems as though, after using the mat outside a few times, it might get a bit grubby.  You can use a slightly damp sponge to clean the mat but no water, cleaning fluids etc.

I really love my massage mat and I’m very glad I’ve got one!

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