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I have recently become a huge fan of Aldi.  Aldi tear n share brioche has to be the best brioche in Britain!  It has the perfect amount of chocolate chips and a lovely flavour.  The only downside is that you really don’t want to share it with anyone!  While I’m talking about Aldi, I just have to mention their chocolate as well.  I would say it tastes just as good as Cadbury and Galaxy but is a lot cheaper.  Everything in Aldi is really good value, there is just not as much choice as there is in the bigger supermarkets.  Also, at the Aldi I go to, the queue at the checkout always moves loads faster than the queues at Tesco and ASDA even if they are the same size to begin with.  At Aldi they ask you to put all of your shopping back into the trolley without faffing about with carrier bags and then put everything in bags after you have paid and moved away from the till.  This is really helpful for people only buying a small amount as they don’t have to wait for the person in front to finish packing which can be very annoying!

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