Heart Cupcakes

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I made these cupcakes using a heart shaped silicon mould and was quite impressed by how heart like they turned out!  The icing on the other hand, did not work!  I was going for blue and red but the food colouring I had was a bit rubbish.  Both of them are ASDA own brand ones so I’m not sure I’m going to buy them again.  The red one tasted really odd – I thought food colouring wasn’t meant to taste of anything?  The blue one looks bright blue on the front of the packet but in tiny writing on the back it says it’s actually pastel blue.  I didn’t notice that until I got home but thought I’d try it anyway.  The icing still just looks grey even though I used nearly half of the bottle.  The cake tasted good though and so did the blue (well grey) icing!

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