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The HD Brows palette has been around for a while now and I’d heard great things about it so thought it would be worth trying. I’ve got very blonde eyebrows that you basically can’t see unless I use something on them. I rarely do that as most eyebrow products are too dark and just look wrong on my eyebrows! I really like this palette as the two brown shades seem to acutally suit my colouring and don’t make it look as though I’ve drawn my eyebrows on. HD Brow Palette HD Brow Palette HD Brow Palette HD Brow PaletteThe lightest shade is only slightly darker than my natural eyebrow colour so I use that the most often to give some definition, with the white shade which is the perfect highlighter to make my eyebrows pop a little. I do occasionally use the darker brown on my eyebrows but I tend to use it more as an eyeshadow. Personally, I am really bad at doing the whole smokey eye thing but I can see the black being good for that. The palette is available in three shades: ‘Bombshell’ for fair hair and skin (I have this one), ‘Vamp’ for medium hair and skin and ‘Foxy’ for dark hair and skin. It costs £19.96 and is available online.

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