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Harry Hill has his own brand of Fairtrade nuts called Harry’s Nuts.  There are two types available; salted peanuts and salted cashews.  He makes no money from the nuts as all the profit goes to help farmers in Malawi, Mozambique and other poor countries make a living and feed their families.  He originally launched the nuts after wisiting Malawi and meeting sone of the peanut farmers.  He works with a Fairtrade nut company called Liberation which is backed by Comic Relief.

By buying Harry’s Nuts, you are helping to set up ‘Community Buying Centres’ in Malawi which will protect the peanuts and make sure they are of high quality.  After the harvest, farmers want to use the Centres to give out relief items such as mosquito nets or seeds to farmers who have lost their crops due to an environmental disaster.  Another idea is to use the Centres as extra primary schools as lots of schools are full and there are some children who need extra lessons to keep up.

The nuts are really tasty, full of flavour and very crunchy which is because they are cooked for longer than other brands.  I will definitely buy these again as they don’t only help a deserving cause but they taste scrumptious as well!

The peanuts cost 99p for 120g and the cashews are £1.49 for 90g.  You can also get 50g bags of peanuts from vending machines for 59p.

You can also watch this short film with Harry talking to the Knitted Character from TV Burp about Harry’s Nuts.

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