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Last night I saw Hairspray The Musical in the Cardiff Millennium Centre.  It was a lot of fun and the cast were brilliant.

Even though we were sat in the very back row of the upper circle we could see everything and had comfy seats with enough room for our legs!  Our tickets were only £15 which was really good value for such an entertaining night.

Lots of people have seen the film so know a lot of the songs but there are a few extra songs in the musical was nice because it isn’t just like watching the film all over again.  The songs are so catchy and the cast look like they’re having a fantastic time dancing around.  The show is very colourful and energetic so there’s no time to get bored!  In the performance we saw, Michael Ball played Edna and Les Dennis played Edna’s husband Wilbur.  Most people found the fact that Michael Ball played a woman hilarious but I didn’t really find it that funny.  He seemed to use the same few joke a number of times and although one or two made me chuckle the first time, I did think that they got a tad annoying!  Laurie Scarth who played Tracy Turnblad was excellent and Sandra Marvin who played Motormouth Maybelle was especially good when she sang the song  ”I Know Where I’ve Been”.

Hairspray is a real feel good show and I would definitely love to see it again!


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