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I think this remote control helicopter is brilliant!  Even the name sounds exciting – ‘Gyro Zoomer Mini R/C Helicopter’.  (It’s from the same website as the spa bath lights I wrote about last week, ParamountZone.  They actually do seem to have something for everyone and have a very handy gift finder to help you search though all of their stuff!)

Anyway, back to the helicopter……. The box says it’s ‘possibly the world’s smallest mini gyro helicopter’ and I’ve got to admit it is quite small and very cute!  I’m quite worried about crashing it and breaking it though as I don’t have very good spatial awareness so am not great at working the remote control.  The box does say it is ‘very easy to control’ so most people probably wouldn’t have a problem with this!  It is supposed to be for ages 14+ because of the small parts but I think lots of grownups would find this quite a fun Christmas pressie (my boyfriend would I’m sure).  The remote control is very official looking but one downside is that it requires 6AA batteries which aren’t included, so it might be an idea to buy these as well if you’re giving to someone for Christmas as they will almost definitely want to play with it straight away!

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  1. hey there i just found your blog and i was thinking of buying this for my little brother yeah all the reviews say its a good product but i do have one question, when i looked at some screenshots of it i was just wondering if you need a computer to charge it or can it be charged buy a plug socket, please reply i need to know thanks, George.

    1. Hi George. It comes with a usb charger for your computer but you can also charge it straight from the batteries in the remote. You might be able to buy a separate charger for a wall socket but I’m not sure?

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