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This month I’ve been using a couple of products from Gwdihw sold by MyPure.  Gwdihw is based in Anglesey and their products are made using locally grown herbs.

The first product I tried is a cuticle balm called Nail Wizard.  It comes in a small metal tin (25g) with a cute design on the front.  The balm has a fresh lemony smell and is really good for moisturising your hands and keeping your cuticles soft and looked after.  The balm costs £4.49 and it’s definitely worth it as you only need a small amount to moisturise all ten fingers!

I’m not so keen on the second product I tried.  I chose the Muscle Soother to try and stop my muscles aching (obviously!) after pilates.  I love the packaging and the bright blue colour but that’s about all that I do love.  I really can’t stand the smell which is a mixture of menthol, witch hazel and some sort of herb.  I’ve never used a muscle soother before so maybe it’s just me but I expected it to maybe warm up when applied but it does the opposite and is really, really cold!  I haven’t noticed any difference in how achy my muscles are after using it either.  The Muscle Soother costs £10.95 from MyPure.

Like everything else sold by MyPure, the ingredients are natural so no sulphates, parabens etc.  Even though I didn’t get on with the Muscle Soother I’ll definitely try some other products by Gwdihw.

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