Gtech Cordless Floor Cleaner

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The Gtech Cordless Floor Sweeper is basically like a vacuum cleaner but is much smaller and instead of plugging it in you need to charge it every month or so.  I was quite surprised to find that it is just as good, if not better, than our normal hoover.  It is really easy to store as it is so little which also makes it very easy to carry up the stairs!  You can use the sweeper on all floor types – carpet, wooden, tiled – and it is very low to the ground so can get underneath lots of the furniture that a traditional hoover can’t.  You can even remove the plastic cover at the front so that you can clean the stairs better.  The dust tray is very easy to empty although it is not as big as a normal hoover so you’d probably need to empty it every time you hoover.  The sweeper is also energy efficient and runs for 60 minutes on one charge.  I’ve not used it for 60 minutes in one go yet but as the sweeper does everything else it says on the packet, I’d definitely trust that it does keep going for that long!

I’ve been really impressed by the sweeper so would certainly recommend it, especially as it costs only £49.95 which is cheaper than most hoovers.

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