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I don’t know if you’ve heard of Graze before but I think it’s a fantastic idea!  Graze is a website which was set up by people from LoveFilm and it’s a similar idea but this time with food – they send a box of healthy but tasty snacks straight to your door.  You can update your profile by rating the food they send you so that they begin to learn your preferences and can send you personalised boxes.  The boxes fit through your letterbox so there’s no signing for deliveries or missing the postman.  It’s a very convenient way to make sure you eat healthily and I really wish I’d thought of it!

All of the food Graze sends out is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.  When I  heard that they sent out healthy snacks, I immediately thought seeds!  But don’t worry, there are plenty of other snacks to choose from – nuts, dried fruits, focaccia, olives and even some flapjacks and chocolaty fruit and nut mixes.

The box I received contained four snacks and a personalised card telling me exactly what was in each snack with all of the nutritional information so I could see exactly what I was eating.  I really enjoyed three of the snacks included in my box but wasn’t so keen on the ‘Beach Bum’ which includes banana, mango and coconut.  This isn’t a problem though as I can update my profile to say that I don’t want to be sent it again.

Graze boxes cost £3.49 each and there is no delivery charge.  There are a few different delivery combinations and you can cancel your boxes at any time.  It is also really easy to move your deliveries around if you are going away or just want to change your delivery schedule.  Anyone who finds themselves snacking on rubbish throughout the day should definitely consider trying a Graze box!

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