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This morning I tried out a set of brushes by Goody.  The set of Start, Style, Finish brushes contains a detangling comb for wet hair, a brush to use while blow drying to create curls and a brush to use when your hair is dry to get rid of static.  I have curly hair already but thought I’d be able to use the set to make my curls a bit neater like I have done in the past using a round brush similar to the one in the set.

The brushes all look really nice – each one a different bright colour.  They’ve also all got plasmium gel handles which are kind of pointless but they do make the brushes comfy to hold.

Everything was fine with step 1, the detangling comb, but as soon as I wrapped my hair around the round brush to blow dry as the instructions say to do, my hair got completely stuck.  I’m not sure why as I have used round brushes before on my hair but this time my hair would not come out of the brush.  In the end it took me over half an hour to get my hair free and even then I ended up ripping quite a lot of it out.  It also hurt!  Obviously I decided to give up so I haven’t even used the third brush.

However, I did give them to my mum who has very fine, straight-ish hair.  Her hair was also catching in the round brush and although it didn’t get completely stuck some of it ripped anyway.  She did give the third brush a try but her hair actually got more static as she brushed it so that one didn’t seem to work either.  I’m not really sure why the third brush is needed – I never brush my hair when it’s dry as it makes my curls turn into frizz and if my sisters brush their straight hair when they’ve curled it, the curls drop out.  Maybe it would make straight hair less static though?

So, all in all, these brushes weren’t really a hit and my head is still very sore!

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