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My normal hair

After trying to straighten my very curly hair a couple of years ago without much success, I decided I’d never bother attempting to get it straight again.  I managed to make my hair even frizzier than normal and the heat from the straighteners ruined my ends and made them split so much I had to go and get my hair cut.

170 degrees

I’ve been so bored with my hair recently that I threw my resolution out of the window and had another go.  I used the Glamoriser which can be either used for straightening or curling.  It is a dark shimmery purple and looks very high tech with its light up displays.  There are a few heat settings to choose from, varying from 110° to 230°.  After spraying my hair with copious amounts of heat protector, I set the Glamoriser to 110° (Incidentally, I was impressed at how quickly the straighteners heated up) and got to work.  Nothing happened!  My hair stayed just as curly as before.  So I upped the temperature gradually to 170° degrees where I got worried that I was going to burn my hair again.  I managed to get my hair wavy but there’s no way it could be called straight.  In the end I did try the straighteners at 230° but still couldn’t get the ends straight after trying for nearly an hour!  I just don’t get how loads of people with curly hair manage to get it poker straight – it must take ages!

230 degrees

I think the Glamoriser is a great product for people with straight-ish hair as you can do so much with it.  One thing I did find a bit annoying was that the straightening bit doesn’t close properly unless you hold it so you are given a heat proof finger glove thing to wear – although I still managed to give myself a massive, very painful burn on my thumb so be careful.  As the edges are curved, none of my hair ripped and there were no lines that you sometimes get with straighteners.  The Glamoriser is a really good price as you are getting 2 products for £79.99.  You can buy a Glamoriser from Sally Salon Services stores across the UK.

I’m a bit on the fence about them though as even though it is good that you get two products in one, I do think the fact that you have to hold the heated end to get them to work properly as straighteners is quite dangerous, especially if you are slightly clumsy like me!  Has anyone else had the same problem with them?

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