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I like the idea of the iPhone skins which mean that you can customise your phone and make it a bit more exciting than just plain black.  There are over 30 different designs available and the skins are quick and easy to stick to your phone.  They contain microfine glass beads which break when you press down firmly on the skin so allowing you to properly position it on your phone.  If you change your mind about using the skin, it should peel away without leaving any sticky bits on your phone (but I’ve not tried that part yet!).  One thing I’m not really sure about with the skins is how long they’ll last.  It just seems like they’ll start to peel off accidentally and then look a bit tatty which would make me peel it off completely myself.  Hopefully they’ll last a while, otherwise it’s a waste of £10!  Gadget Glamour also sells similar skins for iPads.

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