Front Cover Mini Lipstick

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Front Cover Mini Lipsticks are the perfect size for me as I have never finished a whole tube of lipstick. I’m not good at remembering to apply it throughout the day and only put it on a couple of mornings a week. Seeing as the tube was pretty small and the price is low (just £4), I thought I would try a colour I would never usually go for if I was buying a full sized tube. Front Cover Mini LipstickFront Cover Mini Lipstick Strawberry Glaze is a really bright pink which I do like but am not convinced it really suits me! I’ve been wearing it on top of lip balm to tone down the colour a bit! I’ve noticed that because there is no shimmer to the lipstick, it shows up any flaws like dry skin on my lips. I’m glad I’ve tried the colour and think the range is a great way to try out new colours without committing to a full sized tube.

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