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Forest Secrets is a skincare system containing facial serums which can be blended to create a skincare regime which fits your skin. I’ve been sent the Try Me Set which contains three little tiny 2ml bottles of different serums…. the iRejuvenate Plus Elixir, the iRejuvenate Plus Serum and the iBright Serum.

I love the packaging – the three bottles fit snugly into the triangular box which is cardboard so is recyclable. The set arrived with a booklet explaining how to use the serums depending on your skin type. The idea is to use them morning and evening in place of your normal moisturiser. When I first tried the serums, my skin felt greasy and I thought they might not sink in properly but after a ten minutes or so my skin felt moisturised rather than greasy. The next time I used them, I adjusted the amounts so that it sank in much faster. Now I use slightly less in the mornings and the recommended amount in the evening. My skin’s been feeling really hydrated recently but it is odd not using moisturiser!

The serums are natural and don’t contain petrochemicals or artificial colours/fragrances. The Try Me Set costs £15 which might seem a lot for just 6ml of serum but from what I’ve used so far, I think they should last quite a while! I think it’s worth buying the Try Me Set to see whether the serums work for you before splashing out on the full size products. You can buy Forest Secrets from The Urban Retreat Boutique.

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